Product of the Month… That little something different

Product of the Month… That little something different
Product of the Month… That little something different

The product of choice this month is the Unique Vegetarian mallows which can be easily used in place of gelatine mallows as shown with this hot chocolate topping. In this application, vegetarian mallows soften in contact with the hot chocolate beneath, demonstrating similar properties to standard mallows. The stability and performance of vegetarian mallows in application, such as on or in ice cream, in the freezing and thawing process, in tray bakes, enrobed in chocolate or other coating, used in fridge cakes and so on is typical of non-vegetarian mallow products.

The collaboration and close working relationship between ourselves and Freedom Confectionery gives us the opportunity to provide Marshmallows that are completely free from gelatine, gluten, egg & dairy, nut & tree nut, soya and are made using natural flavours and colourings; making the Freedom marshmallows suitable for Vegetarian, Vegan & Allergy free consumers. It’s important to recognise that they are very unique and over deliver on the expectations to that of the traditional gelatine marshmallow. The Freedom mallows are delicious, sweet, light and fluffy, as consumers would expect from any marshmallow. The Freedom mallows have been recognised by the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society with their approval.

Application Ideas

Vegetarian marshmallows can be used as replacements in almost all standard marshmallow recipes such as

  • Rocky road
  • Tray bake toppings
  • Ice cream inclusions
  • Hot beverage toppings