Sugar sprinkles covers our range of sugar products which are mainly used for decoration of a finished item.  Non pareils, strands, pearls, nibs, shapes and crunches are the main forms of sugar decoration used by food manufacturers, caterers and bakers.  The sugar sprinkles may be coloured or flavoured, glittered or coated, sugar based or fat based.  Coatings include shellac and beeswax.

Many of our sugar sprinkles are available in different sizes, colours, and flavours to meet with the requirement of the product or range in development.  As well as a core range of standard products, our development team can adapt our sugar products to specific briefs, creating a bespoke line.

Sugar sprinkles work well to add a splash of colour to buttercreams and toppings, whilst some have the function of being bake-stable, adding  colour and flavour into baked goods and bread. Used as a finishing touch to chocolates, our glittered crunches and nonpareils can add an indulgent look.

Sugar shapes are adaptable to any occasion, for seasonal ranges or for bespoke one-off events.  Our standard range covers shapes indicative of seasons and holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas.  Within this set there are variants in terms of colours and flavours.