Typical uses for marshmallows are Rocky Road, tiffins, Mississippi Mud Cookies,  S’mores and hot beverage decoration. Food manufacturers use them for binding, lightening texture and adding contrast to bite.

Available sizes are micro, mini, regular, jumbo and mallows sheets. For seasonal decoration, we offer Christmas tree shaped and coloured marshmallows.

The typical colours on stock are pink and white. Yellow, pale orange or pale green are available in bespoke mixes.

We have pork gelatine, beef gelatine and vegetarian options .

Vegetarian mallows have a very wide set of free-from credentials: vegan, nut free, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, no artificial colours or flavours.

Freeze dried, dehydrated mallows are light and crunchy, and will rehydrate when moisture is added. As well as being used in cereal, they can also be baked into cookies.

Other aspects of marshmallow composition are the vanilla flavour and aroma, and the dusting to help the mallows flow freely.  This is usually maize based.

Our packaging size offered on mallows starts in container loads, all the way down to sachets of 100g or less.