Fudge is an extremely versatile product used in a wide range of applications which require different handling and processing conditions.  Orchard Valley Foods’ fudges are available in many different sizes, flavours, colours and with lustre or chocolate coatings.  Our fudges’ formulations reflect the application and particular stability required.

Our dairy-free “fudgies” are available in a variety of different flavours, with natural colours to match.  Lemon, tropical, strawberry, raspberry and coconut fudjies are amongst the most popular.  We can also add desiccated coconut to this fudjie base to create coconut ice fudjie.  This product style has a good fit with the popular nostalgia trend.

We have a range of bake-stable and freeze-thaw stable products in the range.  A soft caramel truffle can be added to ice cream, or a gooey toffee fudge introduced to a muffin.  Our technical account  managers can advise on the most suitable fit of product for the application.

Artisan fudges and truffles give a more rustic finish, with a ‘hand-made’ appearance for applications such as cookies or grab bags.  They are available with inclusions of chocolate nibs and dried fruit pieces.  They can be a luxury topping for indulgent desserts, or a stand-alone snack product.

All Orchard Valley Foods fudges, truffles, and fudjies are gluten-free, nut-free, in some cases dairy-free.  In terms of the oil or fat used in production, where palm oil is used, this is RSPO certified palm oil.  Palm oil can be substituted for butter or coconut oil.