The benefits of adding fruit pieces to a recipe include enhancing fibre, vitamin addition, colour enrichment, natural sweetness and developing texture.  The use of fruit as pieces saves preparation time and brings shelf life benefits, in that all these fruit pieces are ambient stable for several months.

Orchard Valley Foods fruit pieces come in a variety of different formats. For inclusions in ice cream, baked goods, chocolate and cereal mixes, fruit pectin cubes are the most suitable type.  These fruit cubes boast a broad spectrum of flavours, freeze-stability, bake-stability, ambient stability and declarable fruit content of 50% fruit.

Our powdered and roller-dried fruit enhances flavour and visual appearance in cookies and muffins. They colour and flavour delicately for a natural appearance and taste.

The OVF freeze-dried fruit can be used to finish off bakery products, inclusions in wet mixes such as buttercreams and custards. We have successfully blended meringue pieces with freeze dried fruit pieces to create deconstructed dessert themed, light textured decorations for use on doughnuts, hot beverages, desserts and bakery products.

All fruit pieces are completely allergen free and suitable for all dietary requirements.