There are many food industry applications where chocolate pieces can add value in terms of:

  • Visual appearance (colour contrast, interesting shape, brown and caramels suggest a certain profile of product)
  • Conveying provenance (source of the cocoa beans)
  • Functionality (added protein for example)
  • Texture (the chocolate itself as well as the inclusions in the chocolate)
  • Flavour
  • Premiumisation

The Orchard Valley Foods range of chocolate pieces covers endless permutations of shape, size, thickness, chocolate type, and added components including protein enrichment and inclusions.

Amongst our standard range of chip, chunk, curl and button we also have more unusual shapes such as pebbles, shavings and prisms.  Chocolate pieces are also available dust embellished, coated and as lentils often known as chocolate beans.

We have a range of more commonplace, everyday chocolate chips, including the Dark Choc Chips and White Choc Chips in our McDougalls range.