Orchard Valley Foods mergers with Candeco to form Orchard Valley Foods Group

Orchard Valley Foods mergers with Candeco to form Orchard Valley Foods Group
Orchard Valley Foods mergers with Candeco to form Orchard Valley Foods Group

Orchard Valley Foods and Candeco Confektyr AB have merged to create a €40 million producer of confections, ingredients and decorations for the food manufacturing, foodservice and retail home baking sectors as well as international markets.

The new business will be known as Orchard Valley Foods Group.

The combination of Orchard Valley Foods’ international sales, marketing and distribution along with Candeco’s flagship manufacturing site in Malmo, Sweden, makes for a first-class business. Candeco supplies decorations and inclusions to the global ice cream, bakery and chocolate industries and is owned by the Orkla Group, which acquired a majority share in UK-based Orchard Valley Foods in March 2017.

Orchard Valley Foods supplies an assortment of products from high quality manufacturing partners, including fudge, biscuit pieces, toffee chips, mini marshmallows, chocolate pieces and sprinkles. As well as its market-leading position supplying the food manufacturing sector, Orchard Valley supplies many retailer own-label home baking products as well as its own ‘Additions’ range of home baking lines.

Both companies have an active new product development team involved in the confectionery ingredients and decorations sector. The move to combine the two businesses will offer customers a complete range of services to meet their needs – from innovative product development collaboration, various packaging formats, jars, sachets, tubs and bags, all manufactured in BRC A+ and AA global food safety accredited sites.

Cherry Blumberg, Orchard Valley Foods Group Managing Director explains:

“The confections, inclusions and decorations market continues to offer significant growth opportunities, both in domestic and export markets as manufacturers seek to add novelty and attraction, whether through visual appeal, texture, indulgence or mouth feel to their products.

“Candeco is a fantastic business renowned for its creativity in product development, delivering innovative solutions to meet customer needs, so it was a logical move to blend our two businesses to support continued market development. The combined resources under the Orchard Valley Foods Group brand will not only offer us new opportunities in the global market, but will give our customers unrivalled product expertise and first-class sourcing capabilities”.