Our growing love of liquorice

Tiger Tail Ice Cream with Liquorice Flavoured Fudge Cubes

Academics and humourists have tried to reason our love affair with the Scandinavian and Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.  Whether it gained momentum from when Sven Goren-Eriksson became England manager, and certainly by the time furniture giant IKEA was crowned Britain’s Favourite Retailer is a point for discussion.  What is clear is that there are many examples of how the UK has embraced all manner of Nordic tastes and interests: Steig Larsson trilogy; Henning Mankell’s Wallander novels; The Killing; The Bridge; ABBA; Ikea, Moomins and Lego.

In terms of flavours, liquorice is hugely popular in Nordic countries, appearing in applications across ice cream, chocolate tablets, confectionery, breakfast goods and desserts.  The UK has a more traditional confectionery connection with liquorice through Pontefract cakes and Liquorice Allsorts.  At Orchard Valley Foods we work with a manufacturing site in Sweden which gives us access to all manner of products with a liquorice flavour and an understanding of favoured applications.  We’re bringing these ideas to the table when we present to customers.

One such idea is Tiger Tail ice cream which incorporates black and orange inclusions to create the colour combination relevant to this evocative sounding flavour.  Here freeze stable liquorice fudge is used alongside orange flavoured sugar crisp to create a visually attractive ice cream, with a harmonious flavour balance.