Pit Stop at Primrose Bakery

carrot cupcake and a latte at Primrose Bakery

During a recent visit to London for a meeting with a customer based down there I made a little time to call in to my favourite sweet heaven, Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden. Having received their cupcake recipe book a number of years ago, I am an avid fan of the simple, easy-to-bake recipes that delight every time.

The shop is a few minutes from the tube and from the outside is rather cute and draws you to the window for a closer look/smell. Inside has a ‘kitsch’ diner feel with cabinets overflowing with cupcakes and slices, while the top is loaded with large cakes on stands. The smell of cakes baking wafts through the shop.

I opted for a carrot cupcake, having made the recipe from their book a number of times I decided I needed to see how theirs stacked up against mine, and of course it delivered. Moist sponge laden with juicy raisins, delicately spiced with cinnamon and a zesty orange, topped off with tangy orange cream cheese frosting. Despite going for the carrot cake, I was rather tempted by the fluffy mallow topped chocolate cupcakes. These were lightly dusted with a pink sugar on top of a sticky mallow style icing with a giant mallow on the top. My cake was washed down with a lovingly crafted latte.

Each of the cupcake recipes they make is topped with cute and quirky decorations and the trip here helped get the creative juices flowing.

Check out the below pictures and feel free to contact the sales team at Orchard Valley if you are looking for something innovative to top your cupcakes…

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