American Style Cookie Cheesecake Balls: bite and like

American style cookie cheesecake bites

The OREO cookie is a global industry leader in the biscuit category, available in over 100 countries. OREO is known for its great promotions and award-winning advertising, as well as creating engagement for consumers with the classic ritual of ‘do you twist and lick… or do you dunk?’.

Around 45% of consumers buy biscuits for ‘treats at home’. The instantly recognisable two round chocolate cookie wafers, sandwiched with vanilla crème filling taps in to this consumption opportunity. OREO’s innovative marketing strategy encourages family and friends to ‘connect’ when snacking.

The original OREO was baked in February 1912 in America.  The product has changed very little since, but applications have been ever-changing. OREO has been incorporated into many different products such as:

·         Drinks
·         Cupcakes/cookies/cakes
·         Frozen desserts/No-bake desserts
·         Pies and tarts
·         Fudge
·         Ice-cream

At Orchard Valley Foods we offer a selection of American style cookie products.  American style cookie crumb comes in 2 different size specifications, and is best suited for decoration and incorporation in to beverages and cheesecakes.  Additionally, American style cookie chunks in 9-12mm and regular sized sandwiched American style cookies are available

American style cookie cheesecake bites consist of cream cheese mixed with chocolate chips, coated in cocoa fibre, dipped in chocolate batter and rolled in fine American style cookie crumb. The creamy chocolate filling is luxurious and smooth and offers a contrast to the textured outer layer structure.