Marvellous Milkshakes

ADDITIONS Mini choc beans on a Chocolate milkshake made with MONIN Dark chocolate sauce

Sweet, cool and sensual, milkshakes have a wide appeal and while “nothing says summer quite like a milkshake” consumption patterns show it is an all year round drink. The first London milk bar opened in 1934 on Fleet Street and is now making a retro return in 2016.

Traditional milkshakes are plain and classic, with their flavours typically limited to strawberry, banana or chocolate flavour, with not much embellishment. However, the new trend of colossal milkshakes being served in vintage crockery – such as a large jam jar, dressed with whipped cream and sprinkled with salted pretzels – is certainly attracting all sorts of consumer profiles.

These dairy behemoths overflow the jar with everything from doughnuts to popcorn in supersized portions which can seem overwhelming, at first. Consumers then take a bite or sip and realise there is no such thing as a milkshake with too many Oreos!

One consideration that operators have with their milkshake offering is what time to do consumers enjoy them? It seems un-natural to pair a burger with these grand drinks, as it’s like eating pudding and a main course simultaneously. But nor does it feel appropriate as just as dessert. Observations suggest that popular mega milkshake occasions take place when socialising with friends and family.

Orchard Valley Foods Limited has a substantial selection of inclusions and decorations, which would be appropriate for use in milkshakes and many different beverages.

Here are a few ideas for milkshakes which could be constructed by operators:
• Oreo Overload
• Strawberry Mallow
• Salted Caramel Pretzel
• Jaffa Chocolate Orange