Lux Snacking

Christmas Spiced Fudge with Fruit Inclusions

It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the diet du jour or latest fashionable ingredients. However something we can agree on: grazing is an on-trend solution to keep the hunger at bay (a reported 300,000 popular cardboard boxes of snacks are appearing at desks and homes across the county every week).

Another point we can agree on – the benefits of seeds and nuts (raw cashew bar anyone?).

Nut based recipes are springing up on our Pinterest feeds with the mounting interest in good fat – high protein foods, and don’t forget your sprinkling of Chia seeds.

Whilst this is all very good for our day to day eating, what about those times you need more of a pick me up, or it’s Christmas, or a birthday… or a Monday and a bit of luxury is needed, whilst still allowing your customer to get their “being good” hit.

As a rather deluxe treat our all butter fudge or truffle pieces can be combined with your nuts and seeds for a trend hitting snack. A noteworthy combo would be buttery caramel and sea salt fudge with crunchy pecans – sweet & salty, texture, luxury.  For a seasonal twist, opt for a dusting of gold.

Although we can’t help with the nut aspect (we’re nut free here) we can certainly work with you on the sweet side.

We have an (almost) unlimited potential range of flavours, including speculoos, clotted cream, chocolate orange, lemon and rum. For snacking the preferred option is usually 10mm, but 6mm or 15mm is also available.