Ahhh for hygge* (*pronounced hue-gah)

All butter caramel fudge cubes from ADDITIONS

With over 1.5 million Instagram posts tagged with #hygge, this Danish concept of creating warmth, connection and well-being is really capturing the imagination of the northern hemisphere as we move in to the prime time of year for getting cosy.  Look through the myriad of photos of blazing fires, knitted blankets, candles and hyacinths and even lambs dressed in jumpers, and you will also see a common theme of sweet treats and hot drinks.  The accompanying photo descriptions make mention of white chocolate and toblerone; chocolate coated heart biscuits; chai chocolate; spitzbuben cookies; gingerbread hot chocolate and cherry fritters.  Can you hear the crackle of a well seasoned log as you read the list?

Many of the products on offer from Orchard Valley Foods are perfect for finishing off a cake, dessert, cheesecake or porridge.  Think cinnamon fudge, chocolate coated honeycomb pieces, white chocolate malt balls, pink and white marshmallows, dark chocolate cookie pieces.

Our new ADDITIONS range was developed in partnership with MONIN and features lines by Callebaut and Lotus.  Ideal for creating show stopping hot beverages, create some cosiness with ADDITIONS Lotus Speculoos Crumb on a Gingerbread Latte; top a Black Forest Hot Chocolate with ADDITIONS Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate Curls or indulge yourself on a winter weekend with a Praline Mocha finished with 3 Colour Chocolate Crispies.