Freakshake Cupcakes

Strawberry Freakshake Cupcake

You’d be forgiven for thinking the war on sugar had been conceded when you come across Freakshakes. These behemoths are on a whole other level of indulgence. Seen first in Australia, these decadent jam-packed cupcakes are moving into the UK market with Time Out Magazine giving its top Freakshake haunts in London list in July this year. Outlets offering Freakshakes are popping up all over the UK, not just in the capital, as markets open up and understand the excitement around these extreme naughty treats.


Strawberry Freakshake Cupcake

The trend is fast moving and into areas not just in the drinks department. Transitioning the flavours and styles of the Freakshake (which include over topping a classic milkshake with vast quantities of whipped cream, ice cream, sprinkles, sauces, and even other desserts such as donuts, cupcakes, and tiffins!) is an easy manoeuvre into bakery. Our strawberry Freakshake inspired cupcake bears a close resemblance to that seen at the shake bars with its overpiled toppings and reference to a milkshake straw.

Popular mostly with millennials who are sick of the health kicks and gym buffs, or perhaps looking to blow out their cheat days with an extravagant treat, this trend is in its early stages with room for development into other food areas. Freakshake pancakes, Freakshake ice creams, Freakshake celebration cakes? A mish-mash of flavours often found on these shakes plays right into our taste buds as we continue to discover and enjoy new combinations of foods; spicy and sweet, savoury and sweet, floral, heat and cooling, sensational.

For the moment then, stand down attacks on sugar and stand aside healthy quinoa. We dare you to eat a whole one! 

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