Increasing protein in your diet through Entomophagy

Crickets in marbelled white and dark chocolate

With on-pack claims of added protein, high protein, high fibre, etc. seen on a wide variety of foods, what is the next trend to increase protein intake?

The people of many countries eat insects as part of their daily diet, although in Europe, the UK and North America it is not common. The most palatable way of consuming insects is as a flour, drying, grinding and incorporating into recognisable everyday foods, the most common product being Cricket Flour.

At Orchard Valley Foods we have been trialling Cricket Flour in various products and have even put whole crickets into a chocolate bar! In most cases there is no noticeable difference in taste or texture of the product. Where there is a difference, there is a pleasant, slightly nutty taste similar to peanuts.

Whilst we are aware that there is a degree of consumer resistance to eating insects, there are certain reference points to show steady public acceptance of new and novel foods. Going back 10 to 15 years when sushi was first introduced in to retail, raw fish was an unusual product for UK consumers.  Now it appears in all retailers in some form or another alongside other ‘food to go’ and party food items.