Review of Christmas 2016

Shimmering gold melt in the middle pudding Christmas 2016

What was of interest on the shelves at Christmas 2016?  Here’s our review.


Shimmer, glimmer and lots of sparkle is big in the retailers and coffee shops this Christmas. Think glitter coated mallows, pearlescent sparkling wines and glitter dustings featuring heavily in many festive launches.


Gold was the in colour last Christmas – from gold dustings and drizzles, to melt in the middle puddings, oozing with a gold lava-like centres; gold really is highlighting it is the season of luxury.

Salted caramel

Paired with praline, chocolate or simply on its own, salted caramel was the trendiest flavour of 2016, with Christmas being no exception. It has seen launches in most sectors, and really enforces that salted caramel is here to stay.


Yes, you heard that right; Prosecco was the new flavour to take the food category by storm, appearing in crisps, sponge puddings, panettones and panna cottas in particular over Christmas.


With big launches in both hot drinks and doughnuts this season, gingerbread looks to be the emerging flavour of this year.


Finally, there has been a resurgence of stollen this Christmas, with mini bites and slices appearing in a variety of flavours and alcoholic fusions to suit every taste bud. The chocolate and hazelnut made with Amaretto sounds amazing!