Product of the Month

Toffeecomb - And its 30% reduced sugar to normal Toffee!



It’s texture’s time to shine in the sweet bakery and desserts category as consumers seek out new sensory stimulation to enhance enjoyment of foods. Today texture is just as important as flavour in many products; texture is the ‘added value’, giving more dimension to a product and, as a result, letting the flavours sing. In indulgent desserts and baked goods, crunch cuts through rich icings and toppings or doughs, while reformulated sweet products, where sugar has been reduced, adding texture can really enhance the overall taste.

Orchard Valley of course knows a thing or two about texture, our inclusions and decorations are used to enhance millions of products. We’ve been using that expertise in our NPD, experimenting with new ways of introducing texture and developed Toffeecomb™, a great new product that’s a unique fusion of the many flavour layers found in toffee or butterscotch with the open bubble structure of a honeycomb or cinder toffee.

And, even better, the light areration means that Toffeecomb also has 30% less sugar than toffee so it makes a perfect solution for adding crunch to reduced sugar bakes and desserts

While ToffeeComb tastes delicious used in ice creams and bakery applications, it is also versatile enough to be used as the basis for some pretty exciting flavour combinations too so that food manufactuerers can capitalise on the latest food tends in the market place – sweet and salty, Autumn flavours and Black colourways for example are all big news at the moment. So far we have successfully trialled Butter-toffee, Black Liquorice, Apple, Gingerbread, Salted Liquorice and Toffee-apple, all using ToffeeComb at the basis.