Its All About Vegan

Don’t add fruit... add Fudjie

Would you like the traditional texture of a fudge but with a more vibrant colour and flavour. Orchard Valley Foods Harrogate (Home Of CBD) Fudjies give you the platform to add almost any colour and flavour and still have that amazing soft fudge texture. The range is naturally vegan and a perfect way to enjoy lactose free fudge. Add Freeze dried fruit for even more luxury and flavour. After maturing in ice cream fudjie gives a smooth texture with a rich flavour, or use as a colourful bakery topping.

  • Vibrant colours (we have a rainbow of colours to choose from)
  • Amazing clean flavours
  • Add freeze dried fruit piece
  • Traditional fudge texture
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


Chosen by Andrew Lofthouse (NPD Co-Ordinator for Orchard Valley Foods Group)

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