Be Inspired by…Fudge and Caramel.

No if you thought there was just one kind of fudge or caramel…think again!

With its soft eating quality and delicious creamy taste, fudge is an all-time favourite sweet addition to desserts, bakes, hot drinks and confectionery. It can give an artisan, rustic finish to products to create the home-made look and taste that today’s consumers are after.

Fudge makes a great vehicle for mixing with other flavours too – particularly the sweet and salty contrast currently high on the flavour agenda – such as toffee fudge with sea salt or salted caramel fudge. There’s no technical term for the ‘sweet-salty’ combination but our taste buds seem to respond to the sensory layers and complexities that the two together create. It’s a combination that just keeps giving and shows no signs of losing its popularity.

For applications where additional colour is needed but the mouth feel of fudge is also required, try Raspberry Fudge, Tutti Fruity Fudge and even Liquorice Fudge. While the brighter colourways are ideal for celebration and children’s party cakes, black fudge makes a dramatic topping for Halloween themed cakes and confectionery.

Fudge’s harder and smoother sister, Caramel can be combined with other flavours to create some really inspirational products – Apple Flavoured Caramel pieces add visual interest and texture as well as the taste of Autumn to traybakes for example, while Caramel with Cucumber Flavour is an unsual sweet and savoury which seems to work. As well as pieces, Caramel Cubes not only add texture and flavour, but larger sizes make eye catching single placement decoration.