When in doubt, Go North

At OVFS/Candeco we are always looking for new experiences and trends.

At OVFS home of the Candeco product range we are always looking for new experiences and trends.

This time, instead of searching far and wide we decided to follow the Swedish expression “dig where you stand” and created strong products inspired by the Nordic region.

The harsh Nordic environment has never given fruits and berries in abundance. But the ones that grow here usually have more intense flavours than their counterparts in other regions. Compare the European bilberry to the American blueberry, or the arctic raspberry to the regular and you will understand this tendency. With these products, we have done our best to capture the wild grown nature of the Nordic fauna as well as some other authentic Nordic flavours.

This theme lies close to our heart and is thus “sprinkled” with some extra love and passion (though you won’t find it in the specification).

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