With its timeless quality, and lovely regional naming, honeycomb is evocative of childhood.  At the same time it’s still a contemporary ingredient, and very versatile in its uses.  In the north honeycomb is called cinder toffee, and in Cornwall, hokey pokey.  There is a variation in terms of bubble size across honeycomb and cinder toffee, but in both cases the bubble size remains uniform due to its continuous line manufacture.

Honeycomb and cinder toffee are available in many different sizes, and with or without coatings such as fat or chocolate.  Barrier coated honeycomb keeps a strong visual appearance in ice cream, yogurts and chocolate. The barrier coating prevents moisture migration and keeps the honeycomb crunchy.

Mixed in with rocky road or tiffin, honeycomb adds a notable texture and caramel flavour.  Chocolate coated honeycomb can be used as an indulgent topping on tiffin, buttercreams or as a stand-alone snack product.

All our honeycomb and cinder toffee products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.  The golden brown colour of honeycomb is appealing for consumers and has a fit with retro styled applications.