ADDITIONS Shake-Sprinkle-Stir

ADDITIONS Decorations Range For Show Stopping Beverages

Devised for the foodservice and wholesale channel to reach operators in coffee shops, pubs and bars, bakeries and sports and leisure catering, the ADDITIONS range of decorations and ingredients creates show stopping finished goods.

ADDITIONS decorations and ingredients

ADDITIONS decorations and ingredients

We have worked in partnership with MONIN, the creative flavour solutions provider in the development of ADDITIONS, which includes Lotus Speculoos Crumb and Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate Curls as well as 7 other versatile sweet products.  At the core of the functionality of the ADDITIONS range is the compatibility of the products across coffees, hot chocolates, frappes, shakes and cocktails.

  • Decorate drinks, cakes and ice cream to create show stoppers

    ADDITIONS Shaker Jars

    All the ADDITIONS range are available in these waisted 800ml jars with a handling section making it easy to tip and sprinkle.  The double sprinkle lid has free flow and limited flow options.  Dosing is easier and wastage and over dispense is minimised.  The net weights of the products range from 260g to 700g.

  • ADDITIONS Mini choc beans on a Chocolate milkshake made with MONIN Dark chocolate sauce

    Mini Choc Beans

    • Add fun and eye-catching appeal to fabulous hot chocolates.
    • All natural colours.
    • Bake safe in cookies, holding colour and form.
    • Crush to create finer chocolate / sugar shell decoration.
  • ADDITIONS Dark Cookie Crumb

    Dark Cookie Crumb

    • American style rich dark cookie crumb.
    • Coating on chilled dessert “bites”.
    • Use in a baked cheesecake base.
    • Fine pieces can give a dusting on whipped cream on a hot beverage.
  • Lotus Speculoos crumb on a Gingerbread Latte

    Lotus Speculoos Crumb

    • Biscoff Lotus biscuit crumb, well known brand in coffee shops.
    • Distinctive spiced speculoos flavour.
    • Texture complement to mousses and chilled desserts as a topping.
    • Ginger and speculoos cheesecake uses crumb as a base and decoration.
  • ADDITIONS Salted caramel cubes on a Salted Caramel white hot chocolate

    Salted caramel fudge

    • Extra flavour dimension added by the salt.
    • Artisan finish.
    • Shake on to ice cream, mousses, chilled desserts.
    • Bake well in to cookies and tray bakes.
  • ADDITIONS Strawberry and cream pearls in a Strawberry and cream frappe

    Strawberries and Cream Crunch

    • Perfect component of Eton Mess (deconstructed) dessert themed products.
    • Natural flavours and colours.
    • Finish off desserts with colourful crunch.
    • Decoration or inclusion for frappes and milkshakes.
  • ADDITIONS Tutti frutti fudge on a Lime frappe

    Tutti Frutti Fudge

    • Multi-coloured soft sugar fudge nibs with tutti frutti flavours.
    • Fits with tropical flavour trend.
    • Bake suitable for cookies to leave pockets of colour and flavour.
    • All natural colours and flavours.
  • ADDITIONS Dark chocolate curls on a Black Forest hot chocolate

    Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate Curls

    • Made with chocolate from Callebaut.
    • Top a cheesecake, decorate sauce on a chocolate sponge, sprinkle on ice cream.
    • Premium appeal.
    • Made in Belgium.
  • All butter caramel fudge cubes from ADDITIONS

    All Butter Caramel Cubes

    • Bake suitable in a soft cookie.
    • Shake on to whipped cream, ice cream, yogurt, chilled desserts.
    • Sprinkle on to butter cream, pastries, cupcakes.
    • Stir through mousses, coolers and shakes.
  • ADDITIONS 3 Colour Chocolate Crispies

    3 Colour Chocolate Crispies

    • Shake, sprinkle or stir on or in hot chocolate, latte, cappuccino, cocktails and milkshakes.
    • Suitable for bakery decoration, ice cream decoration, ice cream inclusion and confectionery.
    • Sustainably farmed cocoa used in production of the chocolate.
    • Blend of three kinds of chocolate coating the rice crispies.